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If you want an outdoor garden, fireplace or other special feature such as a pool be prepared to pay a bit more on the rental. These features are all use at your own risk and renters will have to sign a waiver for liability from the agency for using these features.

Check what insurance you need to cover the property as well as your possessions while you are staying at the rental. Are your personal items covered with the insurance they carry? What about theft or damage?

You need to decide in advance what features you need in the rental. If you don't do this you are likely to fall in love with one place only to realize when you get there it really doesn't have all the features that you need.

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Looking for a New Haven Vacation rental?

"What is a vacation rental?
A vacation rental is a professional managed facility, which traditionally provides rental lodging for those that are on vacation or otherwise traveling.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a vacation rental:
» To book a condo for your vacation,
» To book a luxury apartment for your getaway,
» For find the right amenities for your trip,
» For a privately owned facility,
» For a location to stay that is private,
then you look for a vacation rental.

Where do you find a vacation rental?
Tourpad will help you to find the best vacation rental providing thorough professional , and personal services. Check our listings to find the best vacation close to you. Whether a private getaway or a family trip, you should prefer a licensed vacation rental."
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