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Most hotel chains offer membership rewards programs that can really be an advantage to frequent travelers. These memberships are free to join and automatically keep track of your nights spent at participating hotels and motels to add up to your rewards.

If you are using an online booking service such as Travelocity, Expendia, Orbitz or Priceline be sure to compare more than one. Often hotels are listed exclusively with one service and don't show up on them all.

Travel groups or clubs may provide discounts for accommodation nationally and even internationally. The American Automobile Association is the major travel group that does offer considerable discounts.

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Looking for a New Haven Hotel room?

"What is a hotel room?
A hotel room is a professional managed facility, which traditionally provides you with a room to stay away from home.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a hotel room:
» That is affordable,
» That has special ammenities,
» Because you are traveling,
» Because you are away on business,
» Because your home is being remodeled or repaired,
then you look for a hotel room.

Where do you find a hotel room?
Tourpad will help you to find the best lodging providing professional restful , and thorough services. Check our listings to find the best room close to you. Whether a national chain or a local place, you should prefer a licensed hotel room."
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