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Don't try to sneak a pet into a room that is not pet friendly. Most hotels charge a huge penalty if they catch you with a dog or cat in the room, sometimes as much as $500.00 charge for cleaning up after the pet.

Sometimes the pet friendly rooms are the older rooms with obvious signs of pet use. You may not have much choice in some of the hotels, but staying with newer hotels or higher quality hotel chains may ensure you get a better quality room.

Some hotels really cater to pets and animal lovers. These hotels may have pet day care services, grooming services and even pet spas. If you want this type of service consider starting at the luxury hotels and finding out if they allow pets.

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Looking for a New Haven Pet friendly hotel?

"What is a pet friendly hotel?
A pet friendly hotel is a professional managed facility, which traditionally provides hotel rooms that will accommodate pets too.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a pet friendly hotel:
» To allow you to bring your dog on your vacation,
» To help you to find a location that offers pet ammenities,
» For a location that allows you to bring your pet,
» To help you to find the place to stay away from home that is pet okay,
» When you need to leave your home for several days with your pets,
then you look for a pet friendly hotel.

Where do you find a pet friendly hotel?
Tourpad will help you to find the best lodging providing professional personal , and knowledgeable services. Check our listings to find the best room close to you. Whether a high-rise or an local place, you should prefer a licensed pet friendly hotel."
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